Jay Z Commends Governor Cuomo’s Criminal Justice Reform

After meeting with New York Governor, Anthony Cuomo, last month to discuss relations between police and civilians, major move-maker Jay Z issued a statement in support of Cuomo’s improved initiative.

In a State of the State speech, earlier this week, Cuomo proposed a new criminal justice reform package which spoke to increased minority recruitment in law enforcement, an independent monitor to review cases, such as the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases, in which officers were involved in the deaths of civilians but not indicted by grand juries.

Issuing his salute via Capitol Confidential, Jay Z imparted, “The Criminal justice reform package proposed by Governor Cuomo is a huge step forward in restoring fairness, protection, sensitivity and accountability for all under our justice system.”

In addition, Jay Z congratulated Governor Cuomo for his “bold leadership” for taking this step in such a critical time in society.

Mogul Russell Simmons showed his support of the initiative with a tweet: