Feds Look Into James Meredith Statue Vandalism

The vandalism of James Meredith's statue at the University of Mississippi is under federal investigation as a hate crime.

Why anyone would vandalize a statue of Civil Rights leader James Meredith is beyond us; however, we are happy to hear the incident is now under federal investigation as a hate crime.

Two men are suspected of placing a noose around the neck of the statue and draping a Confederate flag over it as well, according to The incident reportedly took place early Sunday morning.

Meredith made history as the first Black student admitted to the University of Mississippi in 1962. A statue was erected in his honor in 2006.

According to university spokesman Danny Blanton, the university has asked the FBI to investigate the vandalism as a “hate crime in violation of U.S. Code 18243,” which “prohibits intimidation of a race and makes it a crime to deny equal opportunity and access through intimidation.”

On Monday, the university announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to the suspects. Tipsters may anonymously call the university’s police department at 662-915-7234.