Racist CEO of J. Walter Thompson Resigns

Photo: Gustavo Martinez Twitter

The CEO of J. Walter Thompson Company has resigned “by mutual agreement” after being accused of telling a woman exec he wanted to “rape” her “in the bathroom.”

News of Gustavo Martinez’s departure comes a week after Erin Johnson, the firm’s chief communications officer, filed a federal lawsuit against Martinez.

“Presenting JWT both internally and externally in a positive light has become virtually impossible given Martinez’s apparent comfort in making constant racist and sexist slurs, even on tape,” the suit says.

The suit also alleges that Martinez has referred to Jewish people as “f**king Jews” and refused to travel where he would meet “Black monkeys” or “apes” who “don’t know how to use computers.”

Martinez allegedly told Johnson in front of other people to, “Come here…so I can rape you in the bathroom.”

He also “distinguished between good and bad rape and rape ‘not in a nice way,'” at a meeting with more than 60 employees, according to the suit.

Johnson claims her complaints about Martinez fell on deaf ears.

Martinez has denied the allegations. The group’s Chief Client Team Officer, Tamara Ingram will replace him.

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