Issa Rae Raising Money for Alton Sterling’s Family

As condolences and frustrations continued to spread across social media in response to yet another killing of a Black man by the hands of police, celebs, activists and public figures are speaking out.

Just ten days after Jesse Williams called out law enforcement officials for their lack of care for Black lives, 37-year-old Alton Sterling was tackled to the ground, tased and fatally shot by a Baton Rouge police officer while selling CDs outside of a local convenience store.

The voice of outrage is loud.

As details continue to unfold about what caused the dispute between Sterling and the officers to escalate, we have learned he was a father of five. Sterling’s oldest son is just 15-years-old, and the visual of him bawling his eyes out doing a press conference Wednesday morning tugged at hearts of nearly all who saw it, and it also further underscored the need for these situations to come to an end.

Thoughts are with the family, for sure, but many also wanted to help. Thankfully, content creator Issa Rae stepped up to create the #AltonSterling Family Scholarship. Her aim is to “ease the burden” of their loss.

With a 40-thousand dollar goal, the campaign has currently raised over $16,000. All donations will do directly to the Sterling family.

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