Intoxicated Officer Goes on Anti-Police Rant


A St. Louis Park, Minn., police officer is facing several charges after Minneapolis police said she rammed her vehicle into a parked car.

Authorities say Chaunte Lee Ford, 27, was being held on counts of DWI,  colliding with an unattended vehicle, careless driving and obstructing the legal process, KARE-TV reported. According to a city spokeswoman, Ford, who has been with the department for six years, first started out as a community service officer.

Court documents show that patrons flagged down an off duty officer to tell him a motorist had struck a parked car. As the officer noticed a silver Toyota Scion driven away slowly, he saw Ford walk from behind the car and proceed to slide in the driver’s seat. As he approached the car, he smelled alcohol on Ford’s breath and said she appeared unsteady. Ford began to sob as she told the officer that she too was a cop.

But when she was asked if she needed an ambulance, she reportedly yelled: “F– the police! I f—inghate cops and I hate that I’m a cop!” she allegedly said. “All you guys do is harass Black people!”

Ford became even more agitated as additional squad cars arrived. The officer said she then pulled down her pants, squatted and urinated on the ground. The police eventually handcuffed after she declined sobriety tests while refusing to cooperate.

Once Ford agreed to submit a breathalyzer test, her blood alcohol concentration level was 0.20. The legal limit in Minnesota is 0.08

Ford was placed on administrative leave on August 5th. “We are determining the appropriate time to begin an internal review,” a statement read.