Instagram Stories Officially Has More Users Than Snapchat

The battle in social media sharing is on.

This week, Instagram announced its Stories feature has reached 200 million users, beating competitor, Snapchat, which has 161 million users. The growth of Instagram Stories has been pretty quick. The feature, which is a direct copy of Snapchat, launched in August 2016 and by October, already hit 100 million dailies and increased to 150 million in January.

It shouldn’t bee too much of a surprise that Instagram Stories has taken off and is now surpassing its main competition. If a person has a majority of their followers on Instagram, then they’ll most likely want to engage and share content where they have the largest audience, instead of directing their followers to a completely different app.

Instagram Stories continues to “keep up with the Joneses” in the realm of video sharing. Last year, Snapchat launched 3D stickers and text which could be placed on objects in videos. This week, Instagram added an identical feature named Pinning, for stickers and text.

One of Snapchat’s most used features are the Custom Geofilters. Those will soon be added to Instagram and will be drawn by local community members for Tokyo, Madrid, London and Chicago.

What Instagram does not have, however, are Snapchat’s animated selfie masks. But Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has this feature in its Messenger app after they acquired MSQRD.

It was only a couple months ago Snapchat went public, but it’s growth sank 82 percent after Instagram Stories launched. It’ll be interesting to see how Snapchat grows and improves its features in the battle for video sharing.