Instagram Allows Users to Shop Without Leaving the App

Instagram Allows Followers to Shop Without Leaving the App
(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Influencers set trends on social media, and popular social media network Instagram has unveiled a new initiative that will allow users to shop on their favorite influencers’ accounts without ever leaving the app.

Set to launch next week, the new feature will allow influencers to tag specific products, then users can click, see what’s available and purchase all while remaining on Instagram.

Dishing on the new feature, Instagram explained in a blog post, “Creators are a cornerstone of the interest community on Instagram and people love getting that spark of inspiration when they learn about a new skin care routine or see their favorite musician in that perfect denim jacket.” Offering an explanation into how the feature works, Instagram continued, “And, unlike seeing the jacket on a rack, when they see it on someone they look up to–or someone who looks like them–suddenly it’s relatable and even attainable.”

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner are among the celebrity influencers that fans will be able to shop from.

Last year, the app introduced Instagram Shopping, a feature that directs links from posts to product pages and websites where users can make purchases.