Filmmaker Seeks to Expose Ferguson “Cover-up”

A film director says his upcoming movie will expose the truth about what really happened in Ferguson, Missouri the day an 18-year-old unarmed Black male died.

Ferguson Cover-Up: A Documentary, seeks to “clear up some of the misunderstanding around what took place.”

The film, directed by Activist Jason Pollock, has the support of community members, activists, and most importantly, Brown’s family.

“My new film is going to take a deep dive into how an unarmed boy in sandals and shorts with his hands up, according to killer himself, could be executed in the street without any repercussions, Pollock wrote in an op-ed published on the Huffington Post. “This event has haunted me, as I know it has haunted many others. I needed to find out the truth! So I set out on a yearlong investigation of the facts, and what I have found needs to be seen and heard by the world.”

View and donate to the film’s Indiegogo campaign here.