Indictment Issued for NYPD Officer

Credit: Thinkstock

NYPD officer Joel Edouard, 37, has been indicted for allegedly stomping a handcuffed suspect on the head.

The incident, which was caught on video, took place on July 23 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, just days after Eric Garner was killed by a police officer’s chokehold in Staten Island.

On the day the reported stomping occurred, police say they say saw 32-year-old Jahmil-El Cuffee rolling a marijuana joint outside of a home on Malcolm X Blvd.

Cuffee presented his ID to the officers but resisted when the cops attempted to arrest him. And that’s where the story took a violent left.

A struggle, the pulling of a gun and then the suspect gets his head stomped which left him with minor injuries, is shown in the recording.

The gruesome footage, below. (Warning: Graphic)

Following the indictment, Edouard’s lawyer declined to comment, reports the NY Post.

As much as we wish for these situations to end, hopefully, this time justice will be served and change will present itself.