Illinois Woman Arrested For Running Over Ex Boyfriend’s New Girl

It was a crime of passion. Alexius Keys of Matteson, Ill. is accused of running over her ex-boyfriend’s new boo. Last Thursday the woman’s jealous rage lead her to the 400 block of Rutledge Street in Park Forest. At approximately 6 p.m., she spotted the couple riding in a car and rear-ended them, authorities report. When the 20-year-old female passenger jumped out of the vehicle, she was hit and dragged. The victim suffered a bruised lung, back fractures, a broken arm and skin scraped from her buttocks and back.

Keys was subsequently arrested on a attempted murder charged and held at a $75,000 bail. During a court hearing last weekend, she reportedly collapsed, screaming “I love you,” and “ya’ll forgive met” to family members, before being escorted out of the room.

Ladies, let’s all take this as a lessen to just let go.