Chicago Church Posts ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign

*UPDATE: The church has since removed its message from its electronic sign.

A Chicago-area church is receiving backlash for posting “Black Lives Matter” on its church sign.

Beverly Unitarian Church (BUC) was threatened after posting what they referred to as an “inspiring and thought provoking” saying.

“The BUC Board picked ‘Black Lives Matter’ at our mid-August Board meeting,” the church posted on its Facebook page late Tuesday. “We felt the message behind these words that for too long Black citizens have been demostrably less valued could inspire us all to look at how we might change.”

Their message didn’t go over so well.

Several critics of the movement took to the church’s social media account to weigh in on its decision to stand behind BLM:

Reimundus Bartlet Black lives matter is a terrorist movement, what church supports not only terrorists, but the criminals who they use as an excuse to riot and attack cops. You guys are supposed to be a church?”

Crystal King Baker Ignorance must be bliss. What you want the BLM movement to be standing for and what it actually is, are two totally different things. All lives matter!”

Katie Spivey #AllLivesMatter Nice that a church plays into the race card crap perpetuated by society and the media! Thank you for doing your part to support what is quickly becoming a terrorist movement and further segregating the American people!

Linda Lewler Thank you for supporting #BlackLivesMatter & absorbing some of the ignorance spewed forth.

Marion Presler Hirsch Black Lives Matter. Thank you for standing up for what is right.

The church soon readjusted their stance:

“Since this posting we have been made aware that there is a movement associated with these words that has been accused of being anti-white, anti-police, and a terrorist group. We are being educated and are looking at this other side of this. It seems that many in our neighborhood believe these accusations, and have been offended and personally hurt by our posted words: message have been left; people have approached us on the street; Facebook is brimming with many contradicting thoughts and feelings. A message left on our answering machine, asking us to think about how these words make a police officer feel, gave us the most pause.

We had no intention of aligning ourselves to a specific organization that is maligning people who offer us security – AND we still believe the premise of this statement.”

Check back for updates.