Ignition Trouble Causes Recalls for General Motors

Credit: Thinkstock

Things continue to spiral downward for General Motors as lax safety practices are further exposed due to another vehicle recall.

While it was reported that a compensation expert discovered a plan that would enable GM to pay victims involved in accidents caused by faulty cars and trucks – a.k.a the Chevrolet Cobalt crisis—which caused nearly 2.6 million recalls, another 8.2 million vehicles are facing recalls due to troublesome ignitions that could spontaneously lose power, according to the New York Times.

This news unfortunately coincides with the initially planned victim payouts. Consumers who are beginning to question the quality and trustworthiness of GM are becoming more of a concern for the Detroit motor company.

An analyst with the Kelley Blue Hook research firm told the New York Times, “We’re hitting unprecedented numbers and it’s reasonable for people to start asking, ‘When and where will it end?’”

People are losing trust and G.M. is swamped in damages.

Payments were scheduled to be swift for the critically injured and family members were to receive more than $1 million for deceased loved ones.

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