Ice Bucket Backlash: Are You Over the Frenzy?

Credit: Shutterstock

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so, chances are you’ve seen quite a few of your friends and/or favorite celebrities participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The social media trend reportedly began in early August “when friends of a 29-year-old Boston man with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, did a group challenge,” according to the Associated Press.

In the short videos, participants challenge one another to donate $100 to the The ALS Association within 24 hours … or risk having a bucket of ice cold water dumped over their heads.

Since then, the ice bucket challenge has gone viral and donations to the nonprofit have increased tremendously.

The ALS Association has reported $88.5 million from 1.9 million new donors since it began tracking the challenge. So what’s wrong with that?

It’s not a crime to have a little fun while raising money for a good cause. But in recent weeks, there has been a bit of bucket backlash with critics scolding the challenge for wasting clean water in the name of charity.


Well, actor Matt Damon, who is also the co-founder of, decided to do his ice bucket challenge a bit differently–by opting for toilet water instead as there are 800 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean water.

A noble solution indeed, but what do you think? Would you raise the stakes like this?  What challenge would you like to start? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments!

(Ice bucket image via Shutterstock)