Hurricane Sandy Moves Toward East Coast

Cities across the East Coast are preparing for a major storm as meteorologists track Hurricane Sandy. The pre-Halloween tropical storm — also called Frankenstorm — blew through Haiti and Cuba and left at least 38 dead.

“Meteorologists expect a natural horror show of high wind, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow to the west beginning early Sunday, peaking with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday and lingering past Halloween on Wednesday,” CBS News reports. has predicted that Hurricane Sandy will affect the areas surrounding Washington D.C. and New York City starting Sunday.

“To reinforce, it is very important to not focus on the center of our projected path map since the impacts will extend well away from where Sandy’s center eventually moves inland,” they report.

The National Weather Service — which has tips for storm safety and preparedness — updates advisories on storms. As of 2 p.m. EDT today, it said tracked Hurricane Sandy east of Port St. Lucie, Fla. moving north at 7 mph.