Read: Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant

Move over Paula Deen, Hulk Hogan is claiming your spot for racist of the year.

World Wrestling Entertainment has cut ties with one of its most popular entertainers after controversial audio featuring the star using racist epithets leaked.

The comments were made public after Radar Online and The National Enquirer discovered the remarks made in 2012:

The star of the WWE — whose real name is Terry Bollea — directed his vulgar and prejudiced hatred at his daughter Brooke, who he accused of sleeping with a Black man. […]Hulk brazenly blustered to Heather Clem — the wife of his former pal Bubba “The Love Sponge,” with whom he covertly filmed himself having sex with in 2012 — that he was an unabashed “racist.”

“I guess we’re all a little racist,” he crowed on the tape, multiple sources have confirmed exclusively to The Enquirer. […]

In a startling exchange, the 61-year-old told Clem — who he sued for invasion of privacy after their XXX tape was leaked to a website — about his frustrations with blonde bombshell Brooke, 27.

“She is making some real bad decisions now,” Hulk said. […]”I don’t know if Brooke was f*****g the Black guy’s son. I mean, I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, f*****g n****rs. But then when it comes to nice people and s***, and whatever.” 

The organization said in a statement that it “terminated its contract with Terry Bollea [Hulk Hogan].” Without specifically mentioning the use of the N-word, it said, “WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

The WWE has taken down pages about Hogan from its website and the wrestler is no longer listed on the organization’s Hall of Fame page. His merchandise has also been removed from the site’s online shop.

Hogan tweeted a vague message on Friday morning in response to the uproar:

Before the interview surfaced, Hogan was a judge for the WWE’s reality show, Tough Enough. According to reports, he no longer is part of the series.

Tell us how you really feel Hulk.