Howard’s Interim President Speaks Out

This month Howard University is looking at a new president, Wayne A.I. Frederick. Taking the place as temporary leader after President Sidney A. Ribeau announced that he would be stepping down, Frederick is aware of some of the challenges he is up against.

“I think we need to come together as a community. We have a very strong community of alumni, faculty, students and staff, and our board [of trustees],” Frederick, 42, explains to The Washington Post. “Collectively, we all need to come together and to really focus on the future.”

With a strong focus on the instructional environment and academic arena, Frederick is looking forward to seeing Howard continue in its efforts this year.

Although he doesn’t know how long the position will be, he is humbled with the opportunity of being able to lead his alma mater. He is the former provost and chief academic officer under Ribeau and has obtained three degrees from the institution: a bachelor’s in zoology, a doctor of medicine and a master’s in business administration, according to The Washington Post.

“I know the enormity of the task, but at the same time I know the greatness of the mission,” he adds.