Howard Increases Security After Campus Threat

Howard University has increased security on its campus after a violent threat by an anonymous person was made Thursday.

The threat, allegedly made by a University of Missouri student, was posted to a web forum Wednesday night:

“I left MU yesterday because I couldn’t put up with it anymore. I go home to MD and what do I see? The same old sh**. Turn on the news and it’s always the n****** causing trouble everywhere.

Any n****** left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go. And any of those cheapstake n****** who try to get out using the metro will regret that choice real fast. Sure, the po po will take me down, but I’ll go out a hero knowing I made the world better.”

Howard University President Wayne A. I. Frederick released the following statement the students, staff and faculty regarding the threat:

“We are aware of the threat made against the University and its students and are working with campus, local, and federal law enforcement on this serious matter. This is an ongoing investigation. However, in an abundance of caution, the University has increased security on campus and at area metro stations. We strongly encourage the campus community and our neighbors to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activity. If you see something, say something and contact Howard University Department of Public Safety at 202-806-110 or the District of Columbia Metro Police Department at 202-727-9099.”

Classes are being held as scheduled at the school, but students will not be penalized if they choose to not attend classes on Thursday.

Check back for updates on this developing story.