Houston Mother Charged With Killing Her Children

AP Photo

A Houston mother is being charged and held without bond after allegedly telling an acquaintance that she drowned her two children.

Court records show that 30 year-old Sheborah Thomas was charged with capital murder of a person under the age of six, CBS News reports.

Houston Police spokesperson Kese Smith said, “all indications are she is the one who acted alone” in the deaths of her 7 year-old son Oraynn and 5 year-old daughter Kayana. Both of their bodies were found under a neighbor’s house on Sunday.

Although authorities have not confirmed a cause of death, an acquaintance of Sheborah told police she said that she drowned her children in a bathtub.

Investigators are furthering questioning Thomas and have yet to determine a motive. Online documents reveal that she does not have an attorney to comment on her behalf.

Thomas’s acquaintance told police that as he came across her dumping trash in a field, she told him she needed help moving as soon as possible. When the friend asked about her kids, she calmly stated she had killed them.

“She was so matter-of-fact about it, he didn’t think she was serious. He thought she was joking. He continued to help her pack,” Smith said

Smith says that he realized she was serious when he received the same response after asking her once again. He then tracked down an officer after driving her to a nearby police percent.

Apparently Thomas attempted to bury the children herself, but ended up hiding their bodies under a neighbor’s house.

Neighbors of the suspect were shocked to learn of the startling news.

“She made sure she kept the kids clean. She takes care of them. She goes to the store…to me she was like, a real nice person. They are good kids,” neighbor Shirley Baines said.

Thomas, who police say have no history of mental illness, had just moved into her Houston home in April. Police have been called to the house before, but not for anything major.