Houston Man Wrongfully Arrested

Jamario Wilson was wrongfully arrested and spent six months in jail.

Now, he is dealing with the aftermath of the life-changing experience.

On Christmas Eve, a home invasion took place in which a woman was tied up and robbed of her iPhone and $30-thousand in cash.

Detectives released an image from the cell phone and identified Jamario as the culprit. However, his mother knew without doubt that it was not her son. The man in the picture had tattoos on his face, a physical characteristic not aligned with Jamario’s appearance.

“The first thing I saw on his face, you can blow it up a million times over, I saw those tattoos,” Tiffany Wilson told KHOU 11 News.

Initially, Jamario was advised to cop to a plea deal and 25 years in jail by the first attorney his mother secured.

Attorney Brett Podolsky took on Wilson’s case instead and stated, “If they would have just followed the leads that they had and taken 30 seconds to look at those photos they had back in January, they would have known they had the wrong guy.”

Fortunately, charges against Jamario were dismissed and the rightful suspect, Kevin Smithers, was arrested.

“I was labeled as another statistic,” Jamario expressed to reporters. “They tried to take everything from me.”

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