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Hotel Manager Fired After Giving Birth in Guest Room

By// Mariah Craddick

Tara Tan, a former manager of The Standard hotel in New York, is suing her old employers for $10 million for the abuse she suffered during the four years she worked there, according to the New York Daily News.

In one of the most outrageous and disturbing claims, Tan asserts that not only was she denied maternity leave, but she was also berated for going into labor in a guest room of the hotel. Tan also claims her past employers said she was “too old and too fat to work at the hotel, where gorgeous guests make love,” the Daily News reports. 

Tan’s attorney, William Keith Watanabe, argues that the hotel discriminated against her because of her Malaysian and Chinese descent.

“I am upset that they treated me this way after all that I did for them,” Tan told the Daily News. “I helped them build this hotel and make it a success. I sacrificed so much time with my family.”

Tan delivered her baby in 2011 and suffered some medical complications from giving birth. She also kept on the extra weight from the pregnancy a year later. She was fired August of this year, with the hotel claiming she “did not and could not ‘fit the culture.'”