Keri Hilson Shares Info on Home HIV Testing Kits

Keri Hilson

By//Andrea Watson

Health organizations and clinicians across the world are encouraging people to get tested, especially because June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. However, the stigma of making a doctor’s appointment can be nerve-wracking for some, and that’s why Keri Hilson is promoting the first in-home testing kit.

The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test takes 20 minutes and it’s sold in all major drug stores for $40. There is no excuse to not know your status now.

“You still have the option to go to the doctor, but you now have the option to do it in the privacy of your own home, or with your loved one together, and you don’t have to wait that painstaking two weeks, sometimes longer,” said Hilson.

“It’s something I hope does become the cool thing to do,” she added, referring to knowing one’s status.

Well-known family doctor and sexoligist Dr. Rachael Ross also stressed how important it is for people to get tested.

“I’m telling everybody, if it’s someone you love and care about, you two can go pick up a test together and test at home for $80 and that’s the same cost you would have spent at the movies and dinner. It might even be a little cheaper.”

The process is so easy and safe to do and there is no age restriction. It’s the same test that doctors use and according to Ross it’s about 100% accurate.

Users take a cotton swab and run it along their top and bottom gums once. After that, they simply stick it into the solution. Within a 20 to 40 minute window, a color will appear on the stick, letting the person know if he or she tested positive or negative.

Ross affirms that while most women are reminded to take an HIV test when they go in for routine pap smears, the average man doesn’t get that reminder.

It’s important to know that even if the results are negative, if a person has taken part in high-risk sexual behavior within the last three months, they should still test again in six months.

“You might test in a period where the HIV hasn’t replicated or divided enough in your blood stream to the point where it’s even detectable on any test,” Ross said.

When it comes to resources on HIV education, Hilson is a part of the Reed for Hope Foundation, which promotes healthy living in all facets of life.

“I think that so many people are living irresponsibly, health wise, sexually, I hope to inspire people to after they know their status to still protect themselves. If they are negative, do what it takes to remain negative. Wrap it up,” she said.

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