History of Violence: An Interactive Map

For Slate’s history blog, The Vault, historian Liam Hogan, with help from five researchers, put together a map of instances they refer to as “collective punishment,” i.e., racial violence such as mob violence, riots and pogroms meant to terrorize Black communities.

The group distinguishes between lynchings and other kinds of violence, but noted that lynchings are a form of racial terrorism against the African American community.

Hogan and his team is pushing for us to think about the kinds of violent incidents on the map: acts of destruction of people and property with the clear intent to intimidate and punish –alongside the lynching data.

The violence housed on this map was often directed toward Black schools, churches and other landmarks. Other instances cite an intent to deter particular activities, like voting or moving into White neighborhoods.

The group of researchers is looking for help in expanding their map. Click here to view the map and to access a contact form where you can suggest incidents to add, or correct any errors you might see.