Historical Moment: The Pope Visits the U.S.

Pope Francis made his first U.S. appearance in Washington, D.C., and boy, is it a historical one.

Not only was his visit the first of its kind, but he was greeted by the first Black President and First Lady. It was an ‘awe moment’ for sure.

Faces wore smiles, wild hand-waving passed through the air and cheer surfaced as people gathered to experience the presence of the Pope. Even if you engaged in the experience via television, the momentum radiated.

Here are a few reactions from a day to remember!

Rapper Lupe Fiasco, who is often critical when it comes to politics, sent a “welcoming message” to Pope Francis:

THIS! Genuine.

Actress Eva Longoria, who works closely with the White House and was a prominent figure in the Obama presidential election, was ecstatic labeling the event a “life moment”:

Political Analyst dubbed #PopeFrancis “The Healer”:

Watch Pope Francis’ full speech at the White House below.