“Hidden Figures” Will Now Become A Digital Course

After taking awards season and the box office by storm, “Hidden Figures” is still breaking new ground.

The film, which starred Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer, told the story of the Black women who worked at the NASA Center in Langley, Va. during segregation. The women faced several obstacles when it came to education and job prospects due to their race and gender.

Because they were able to become role models for generations to come, Journeys In Film has decided to create a “Hidden Figures” classroom curriculum guide. There will be eight comprehensive lesson plans for secondary students which will allow them to consider the relevant historical and contemporary issues raised by the film.

The social studies class lesson plans look at the context of the events surrounding “Hidden Figures” such as the strained relationship between Communist nations and the West, the pressure-filled environment in which the women were working while at Langley, the important role they served in the space program, the costs of segregation and the start of the modern Civil Rights era.

Lesson plans for math and science will look at scientific notation, conic sections, orbits and programming.

Indeed, “Hidden Figures” offers something to be learned in all subjects.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will provide a complimentary DVD copy of the film to U.S. high schools. Teachers are encouraged to for details on eligibility and how to redeem for a free DVD copy.

Download curriculum guide free of charge: