HBCU Hall Among Most Endangered Historic Places

The oldest building on the oldest degree granting Historically Black College is among ten other  monuments on the National Trust’s 2016 Most Endangered List.

A press release on the news names Lincoln University’s Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall in Lincoln, PA as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The annual list spotlights notable examples of American architectural and cultural heritage that are at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

More than 270 sites have been listed over its 29-year history, and in that time, less than five percent of listed sites have been lost.

“As the oldest building located at the first degree-granting school for African Americans, Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall stands as a symbol of enlightenment and opportunity for students pursuing higher education across the country,” said Stephanie K. Meeks, president and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “The educational and cultural significance of Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall is unparalleled. At a time when people across the country are publicly contributing to the ongoing conversation on racial justice, we must recognize that some stories can only be told through the places where they happened.”

The National Trust is urging the university to adapt its college plan, hire a qualified preservation architect to assess the building, prepare a Historic Structure Report, and develop a plan for the continued use of the building.

Member of the public are urged to learn more about what can be done to support the Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall and other historic places at