Harry Belafonte Gets Candid about Injustice

When iconic entertainer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte speaks, it’s important to take in his words and the experiences he imparts.

During a teleconference with Mr. Belafonte, sponsored by the National CARES Mentoring Movement and moderated by Susan L. Taylor, the town hall style call included approximately 1,000 community leaders and activists around the world, talking about the “crippling poverty that victimizes many communities of color.”

Never one to hold his tongue when it comes to the ills of society and charging leading entertainers with being absent in times where their influence could provoke significant change, Mr. Belafonte sounded off on the various cases of police brutality at the center of society’s attention and cause of unrest.

A big address of the tele-town hall, was “What do we do with our power and how do we do it?”

To which, Belafonte responded:

“We have to make those who are comfortable with our demise, those who find no reason to intervene and change the way in which business is done, we have to make them see that [their] indifference to our experience from this moment on is unacceptable and we will do what is necessary to make your life uncomfortable as long as we stay in this place of abject pain and discrimination.”

If you have an hour to spare, take a listen to the full conversation, below.