How About Harriet Tubman on Your $20 Bill?

A group of campaigners known as Women on 20s, is vying for Andrew Jackson to be knocked off the $20 bill and replaced by Harriet Tubman.

The group, which has been pushing for the change over the course of a year, received more than 600,000 votes in support of their campaign.

Having already inspired bills in the House and the Senate, the women will now present the months-worth of votes along with a petition to the White House to gain approval for the face change.

Although, Tubman was deemed the people’s choice, the list of finalists also include: civil rights activist Rosa Parks, human rights activist Eleanor Roosevelt, and the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller.

If the White House is on board with the Women on 20s campaign and successor, Congress would still have to vote to pass the change.

The movement has built a sizeable following and change would look nice on the good old $20 bill. After all, paper bills are tokens of history, so why not have it reflect the works of great women in addition to men?

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