Happy Headlines: Martin Luther King’s Children Settle Lawsuit

Martin Luther King Jr.’s children have settled their differences in at least one of two lawsuits filed in 2013, Reuters reports.

King’s sons, Martin Luther King III and Dexter King, filed a licensing suit against the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta to revoke the building’s right to use their father’s name and image unless their sister Bernice King was removed as CEO.

The brothers claimed that important documents and artifact were left unprotected from fire, water and mildew damage.

But on the Thursday, the case was dropped.

“I understand my brother’s apprehension days before a public trial, and I share those concerns,” Dexter said in a statement. “None of us want to see the legacy of my parents, or our dysfunction, out on public display.”

While the siblings have made peace with one lawsuit, another is still set to go to trial next month.

The upcoming proceeding between the estate and Bernice is over possession of the bible Dr. King carried during the civil rights movement and his 1964 Nobel Prize.

Martin and Dexter want to sell the items, but Bernice, who believes the items are “sacred,” does not.

The items are currently being held in court until a final decision is reached.

Hopefully, the family will be able to resolve this pending dispute as well.