Happy Headlines: Kayden’s First Steps

Kayden Kinckle is the epitome of an over-comer.

At 2, Kayden has already undergone two abdominal surgeries due to a birth defect, and had his left leg and right foot amputated in January.

However, the New Jersey native has not remained a victim to adversity. While everyone else was barbecuing and watching fireworks on the 4th of July, Kayden was partaking in another monumental event—walking.

In a Facebook video posted by his mom, Kayden is seen taking his first steps on his prosthetics and offering an energetic “I got it!”

Soon after, the inspirational footage caught the attention of mass audiences, including NFL player Michael Vick. Vick shared the video with his fans along with the caption “Luke 1:37 – For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

For those who have been moved by Kayden’s story and would like to offer help to him and his family, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Steppin’ Out on Faith” has been launched to raise money for his medical bills. “We are confident and faithful that God will make a way for him to have a wonderful life and not have to go to special schools,” said Kayden’s mother, Nikki, in the campaign.

The family has raised over $10,000 towards their goal of $50,000.

Watch Kayden’s first steps below.

We are excited for all of the steps Kayden has both taken and has yet to take in his life.