Happy Headlines: From Doorstep to Diploma

Credit: Thinkstock

Eighteen years ago, infant Janessa Gibbs was left at the doorstep of a Corinth, Miss. doctor’s office.

Though Sara Gibbs never imagined herself as a mother, she took the abandoned child in and hasn’t regretted it a day since.

“I was single. I worked night shift. I worked 12-hour-nights. There was nothing in my life that had prepared me for a baby,” Sara told Action News 5.

Despite her lack of preparation, Sara, a nurse at Methodist Hospital, adopted Janessa with help from her pastor and friends.

Now, Janessa is 18 and headed off to college this fall.

“I feel like it was divine intervention, it had to be,” Sara told Action News, noting that she had been called in to work unexpectedly that day.

Janessa is extremely grateful for the caring acts of Sara and expressed that “she’s the best mom ever.” Although they are not biologically connected, they are definitely connected through love.

“She’s always been my mom,” Janessa said.