Happy Headlines: Beyonce Grants Wishes, Great Dads

Some of us (clears throat) had to come back to work after the holiday, so we definitely know how you feel if you’re back at your cubicle feeling a lil’ grumpy post-Christmas.

To lift your mood, we want to point out three wonderful stories that have hit the news cycle recently.  Please feel free to share since we want to spread the positive vibes.

Beyonce Grants Child’s Dying Wish

Twelve-year-old Taylon Davis got to see, and even hug, Beyonce during the Las Vegas leg of the Mrs. Carter Show tour.  The child, who suffers from a deadly form of cancer called Osteosarcoma, told a local station about her wonderful experience, courtesy of Beyonce and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. More on Davis HERE.

Black Fathers Who Live With Kids Are Super Dads

A federal survey of American parents (right, it’s official) revealed that African American dads who live with their children are just as involved, or even more, than pops from other racial backgrounds.  Read more on that HERE in the Los Angeles Times and let’s do a virtual standing ovation for this uplifting data.  We don’t often see these types of stories about our men in mainstream news.

Craigslist Woman Gets Family for the Holidays

Earlier this month, we told you about Jackie Turner, a college student who wanted a family to share the holidays with this year. Well, it appears as though Christmas wishes come true! Turner, who was abused and abandoned as a child, recently told HuffPost Live that she hosted an event at her college welcoming everyone who’d emailed her about a request for a family. Read more about the uplifting event HERE.