Happy Headline: Viral Badass Beyond the Hood Rat Stuff

He has lived in viral infamy.

He has been immortalized by none other than The Boondocks , and for what?

Well, if you recall in 2008, Latarian Milton did a pretty remorseless interview after commandeering his grandmother’s car, joyriding it through town and then, and not too long after, physically battling aforementioned grandma over chicken wings. Chicken wings, people!

But we are happy to learn from WPBF-TV that Milton, aka the kid who loved doing “bad things” and “hood rat stuff” has grown out of that awkward and, quite frankly, alarming phase.

The station that helped make him a star revisited his story as he graduated from middle school and now is pursuing both NFL and engineering dreams.  Here it straight from his mouth if you click HERE.  I hope folks share this around like they did his former badassery.

Congratulations, young man.  Keep up that positive attitude!