Happy Headline: Homeless Coder Launches App

Credit: Thinkstock

Even we somewhat jaded media types cannot deny the truth.

Though we are more than used to bad news, there are certain headlines that depress us, too.

For example, well…take your pick of any one of our JET “What Year Is This” items or anything to do with George Zimmerman.

But luckily, this is not one of those downers.

We want to take a moment to commend the homeless gentleman who — given a choice between $100 and coding lessons from a savvy entrepreneur– chose the latter and, despite naysayers who thought it was a waste and/or publicity stunt, learned enough to launch his own app.

Leo “Journeyman” Grand has created “Trees for Cars,” a carpooling app that connects drivers and passengers who want to reduce their impact on the environment.  More on that, plus a brief video of Grand explaining his idea HERE.

And of course, we want to send a serious shout-out to entrepreneur Patrick McConlogue for having the vision, and taking out his own time and effort, to assist somebody who clearly needed it.  This is a great story, but will have an even happier ending if it gets Grand off the streets.  Do your due diligence before spending money, but personally, I plan to download this app.