Happy Headline: Grad Gets $3M in Scholarships

During a time when so many are struggling to pay for college, a Chicago-based senior has been awarded $3 million in scholarships!

Kenwood Academy valedictorian Arianna Alexander pretty much broke the record by getting the large sum of cash for her education.

“I was accepted into 20 schools and a lot of the scholarship money came from there, so right now, the total’s over three million dollars,” Alexander told CBS 2.

Alexander is believed to have set a CPS record for a single student.

And she’s in good company.

Three years ago, Kenwood seniors earned a total of $18 million in scholarships. This year, the school’s graduating class earned almost $40 million.

The milestones are the result of an intense, school wide focus on not only getting kids into college, but also finding the money to pay for it.

“We ensure you that over four years, if the student has performed academically, that we’re going to position them well for the next step along the academic journey,” said Kenwood Principal Gregory Jones.

As for Arianna, she plans to attend the prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her goal is to own a restaurant.

“If one person can get over 3 million, that means, someone else can get the money they need,” she said.