Happy Headline: 10-year-old Math Prodigy

She’s already at the top her class and we’re not talking grammar school level.

Ten-year-old Esther Okada, is one of the UK’s youngest geniuses. Currently studying for a math degree at Open University, the Walsall native has a knack for numbers and using her analytical skill set to master tests with a perfect score, reports Telegraph.

And she’s not alone in her love for solving and understanding the madness of numbers, Okada’s six-year-old brother is heel-toe in big sis’ footsteps with calculus and advanced algebra.

Esther’s mother, Efe, shares that her daughter always had ambitions of attending a university and much of her conversation revolves around finances and becoming a millionaire.

Just three weeks in her university enrollment, the math prodigy is on an encouraging journey with hopes of one-day owning a bank.

Ambition and action, we at the JET are all about that!

(Photo: Nick Wilkinson, Birmingham Mall)