Happening Now: #300MenMarch Movement

A march meant to raise awareness to stop the violence officially kicked off on Sunday.

The 300 Men March is a group of men walking all the way from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

This isn’t just a walk either.

According to the group’s website, the marchers have a plan.

“We hold ourselves accountable for the successes and failures in our community by looking within to provide permanent answers and lasting solutions,” states the group’s page as part of its philosophy. “When we recognize, identify, or discover a problem, we are obligated to recognize, identify, or discover a solution to that problem.”

The 300 Men March, organized by Munir Bahar, has five key objectives:

Mobilize: Recruit and organize 300 residents from across the spectrum of the community to engage in violence prevention and deterrence activities.


Training: Train and prepare 300 volunteers as Street Engagement Officers; equipping them with the Street Engagement Unit tactics and protocol for successfully decreasing community violence.


Engagement: Deploy Street Engagement Officers as an immediate pro-active intervention resource to decrease community violence.


Reinforcement: Create community programs aimed at preventing the (re)occurrence of violence (i.e. youth programs, etc.).


Sustainability: Identify and develop financial resources to sustain annual operations.

For more information about the movement, how to get involved or how to donate, click here.