Halp Wanted: The Onion Riffs on Police Brutality

And in “Too Soon” news, Onion, I am going to need you to stop it right now.

This piece about how to be an unarmed Black man…um…no bueno.   We collectively cannot with tips, including:

“Avoid swaggering or any other confident behavior that suggests you are not completely subjugated.”

“Explain in clear and logical terms that you do not enjoy being shot, and would prefer that it not happen.”

There is nothing funny about this situation.

A teen is dead.

His family has had their hearts ripped  apart.

Tear gas is flowing. Protesters are risking their freedom, and even their lives, to make a statement against brutality.

Ferguson is looking like a war-torn country in need of help from the United Nations.

I understand, and support humor to help us through tough times, but that post there… Please let’s find another way to deal with it.  Go to a vigil somewhere and show some respect.

That is all.