Meterologist +Haiti Deforestation = Huh?

Haiti meteorologist

We at JET are not environmental scientists. Nobody would come to us for the root causes of deforestation and we accept that.  However, we are quite willing to bet you anything that one Weather Channel meteorologist may be the most clueless yet on this topic.

While reporting on the islands in the path of Hurricane Matthew, Jennifer Delgado from the storm-chasing network focuses her attention to the country of Haiti and how its lack of trees on the land could mean big trouble, since there won’t be much protection against heavy rains and high winds of the hurricane.

Delgado states “this whole area has been essentially deforested. They take all the trees down, they burn the trees. Even the kids there, they’re so hungry, they actually eat the trees.”

Hold up. What? Eating trees?

Miss Delgado, you’re definitely going to have to eat your words on this one. We need answers on how children, of all people, are responsible for an entire land of missing trees.

Delgado has since apologized for her choice of words, but we can’t ignore how messy the comment was to begin with. Check out the clip below to hear the foolishness.  She may want to go somewhere and think about what she did: