Death Toll Rises to Over 1,000 in Haiti


The wrath of Hurricane Matthew took a severe toll on the small island nation of Haiti. With sustained winds of over 110 mph, Matthew was the strongest storm to hit this region in a decade.

Haitian officials have reported that the death toll has climbed to over 1,000 and will continue to soar. Lack of food, water and shelter, alongside the spread of cholera in rural communities, has the public in major need.

Prior to Matthew only 13 cases of cholera were reported. These numbers have since jumped to 60 people and rising, a hospital director from Port-à-Piment said.

Matthew destroyed tens of thousands of homes leaving over 60,000 people in crowded shelters and homeless. It is a devastating blow for the country, as it is one of the poorest regions in the Western Hemisphere.

“Hurricane Matthew has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake at a time when the country is already facing an increase in the number of cholera cases, and severe food insecurity and malnutrition,” The United Nations said.

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