UPDATE: No Sign of Shooting At Navy Medical Center


Investigators said they found no sign of a gunman or shooter at a Naval Medical Center in San Diego on Tuesday.

This morning, authorities were prompted to lockdown the premises after a person reported hearing gunshots in building #26.

After checking each room, officials lifted the lockdown order, and activities have since resumed.


Occupants at a San Diego Naval Medical Center were advised to take cover after news of an active gunman spread across the campus.

The hospital posted a message of in its Facebook page advising people “to run, hide or fight.”

“We’re not taking any chances and are executing procedures we’ve been trained for this kind of situation,” said spokesman Michael Alvarez.

Around 8 a.m., at least three gunshot were heard in building #26, which offices and barracks for wounded sailors and Marines as well as a gym.

While the San Diego police received notification about the incident, assistance was not requested.

No injuries or deaths have been reported. Check back for updates.