You Got Served: Divorce via Facebook

Credit: Thinkstock

Divorce requests not getting through? Take it up a notch with a Facebook message to your desired ex-spouse. According to a New York court, a woman was granted the right to file for divorce through the social network.

The Scenario: Ellanora Baidoo is filing for divorce from her husband, Victor Sena-Blood Dzraku, who she has only been able to connect with through phone and Facebook. Because of his elusiveness, a Manhatten Supreme Court Justice ruled that Baidoo will be allowed to file for divorce through a private Facebook message.

The ruling, according to The Daily News, states that Baidoo can send a repeated message once a week, for three consecutive weeks until it is acknowledged by her husband.

The estranged couple married in 2009 and began experiencing troubles when the defendant reneged on a marital promise of a traditional Ghanaian wedding, in addition to the couple’s civil ceremony.

Quite an interesting and unique case.

What extremes would you pursue when the love is gone and you’re reading to move on?

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