Google Honors Dorothy Irene Height

Google honors Dorothy Irene Height with a doodle on what would be her 102nd birthday.
Courtesy of JPC Archives

Notice anything different about Google this morning?

The search engine giant paid homage to Dorothy Irene Height on what would have been her 102nd birthday with one of its infamous doodles!

Dorothy Google doodle


Known as the “godmother of the Civil Rights movement,” Height also lobbied for women’s rights. The former YWCA employee worked with first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, President Eisenhower and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, just to name a few.

In 1994, President Clinton awarded Height the Presidential Medal of Freedom and, when she died four years ago, President Obama described Height as a “hero to so many Americans” and said she “devoted her life to those struggling for equality . . . witnessing every march and milestone along the way.”

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