Google Chromebook Pixel, a Splurge or Steal?

The Chromebook Pixel is set to rival the 13” MacBook Air. The latest laptop, offered from Google, was released  Thursday and features one of the highest resolution screens on the market, a backlit keyboard, auto that adjusts based on ambient light, one terabyte of online storage, and an optional 4G LTE connectivity.

The 12.85-inch laptop runs on Chrome OS designed exclusively for web-based applications. But for the price tag of $1300 this over glorified web browser may be a bit of a rip off. For $100 cheaper you can purchase a MacBook Air with similar specifications. You would be missing out on the Pixel’s ultra-high resolution touch capable screen, but on the other hand, you get around 2 hours of extra battery life and can run far more applications, as well as every Google serves offered on Chrome OS.

If you’re a technology buff, who isn’t willing to splurge on a new gadget then the Pixel is must. But for the majority of us who are saving for a new laptop, you might want to wait for Google to offer a selection with more bang for its buck.