Gone Viral: Blackface or Bronzer, Much?

We are in a super hyper-sensitive era, and rightfully so. With the outrageous rise in cases of police brutality and race relations at the core of various social issues, it’s an interesting time to be living and even more reason to be cautious about what you post on social media.

“Gone viral” is the new wave and a Washington High School student is at the helm of an alleged racially-motivated yearbook picture.

Exhibit A:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.02.31 AM

What exactly are you implying, with the caption “Do you think this is my color?” You can’t be that clueless.

The yearbook image of course made its way to Twitter and was met with harsh backlash and criticism.

One response to the bronzed-out image and question was “Nah it ain’t your color STOP DOING BLACKFACE.”

As it has been explained to KING 5 NEWS, the student was joking around with friends and decided to dive her face in an excess of bronzer powder. Ok, fine.

But to take it further and outside of your social circle to appear in a keepsake such as a high school yearbook, was sure to raise questions.

The student took to social media to explain the picture, stating she was not being racist, but only making fun of having a really bad tan.

The school district said it would apologize for the offensive image and has since stopped distributing the yearbook since the race-debate eruption.

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