Girls Scout Troop Racially Taunted

Girl Scouts teach honor and respect.

Unfortunately, during a visit to an Animal Care and Control Oversight Commission meeting on April 29, a troop of diverse scouts, including at least three Black troops, were disrespected when adults spat racial epithets at them.

“Go back to Baltimore, where you belong,” one adult can be heard yelling on captured video footage.

The Chesapeake Bay Troop 176 were standing outside of the meeting site in Cecil County, holding hand-written signs that addressed the poor conditions and mistreatment of animals.

Arianna Spurlock, 13 and African American, told WMAR news that the group of harassers, “were calling us animals and stuff. I don’t really know why because if they are calling us animals, aren’t they supposed to be helping animals?”

A troop leader can be heard defending the young scouts, calling for the adults to end their bigoted commentary.

Video of the racially-motivated taunts below.

Since the incident, Cecil County executive, Tari Moore has reached out to the troop and extended an apology for behavior experienced during the meeting. Moore also offered to meet with the girls and take them on a tour of animal care facilities.

Racism is becoming so blatant these days, it’s impossible to protect children from the harsh hearts of some folks.

Our hope is that the girls continue in their pursuit of positivity and fighting for their beliefs.