Nine-Year Old Girl Scout Shot in Drive-by

“What did I do wrong?” was the question nine-year-old Sinai Miller asked her family after returning home in pain.

The pain – a gun shot wound to her leg, just missing the bone and artery. The good news, Sinai is not suffering major physical damage.

The bad news is that a young innocent girl was put in this predicament.

A resident of Indianapolis and member of the Indiana Girls Scout chapter, Sinai, an A-and B student and big sister, was amped and ready to take part in the popular cookie selling project earlier this week.

After finishing her homework, she noted and then informed her mother that it was almost 4:30 p.m. and time to meet the other scouts in the complex’s clubhouse to pick up cookies and hit the neighborhood on their Girl Scout duty.

What happened instead was a neighborhood drive-by with stray bullets flying and hitting Sinai as she stepped outside of her apartment.

Investigators said there were witnesses who reported seeing a SUV with an arm sticking out the window firing shots and then speeding off, reports the Indy Star.

Shanita Miller, Sinai’s mother, who was in the house tending to another daughter is now dealing with the reality that this tragedy happened right outside of their home – a neighborhood she thought was safe until this reckless case of violence.

She fears, according to the story, “that my baby is going to be scarred.”

More on this story is captured in the below video.

You can help Sinai complete Operation: Cookie Drop, HERE.