Georgia Teacher Fired for Nude Selfies

When Lekeshia Jones sent her students to get scissors, they came back with something that would ruin her career at Myers Middle School in Savannah, Georgia.

Several of her students accessed nude photos she saved in her cell phone, snapped copies of the images with their phones and shared the photos with others through texts and social media.

Jones, 34, told Savannah Now that she didn’t figure out about the incident until a month later when a concerned student told her what happened.

“She said ‘Ms. Jones I think there’s some pictures floating around of you,’ and I said ‘no, that impossible,'” Jones told WTOC.

School district officials are saying, however, that the students discovered the photos after Jones unlocked her phone to allow a student to call home and then walked away. They also allege that she tried to handle it herself instead of telling officials.

Jones is planning to file a lawsuit appealing the decision..

“I feel like I’m the victim,” Jones said. “Whatever is in my phone is my business … There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone.”