Ga. Parents Succeed in Abolishing ‘Slavery Game’

A Georgia-based elementary school is in hot water after one of its teachers introduced an “educational slavery game” to its students.

WSB-TV reports that parents and guardians of children attending Cheatham Elementary School were outraged after discovering a teacher was conducting the interactive learning activity.

Delores Bunch-Keemer says her 10-year-old granddaughter was forced to participate in the demeaning game. She says she knew something was wrong when she returned home from school Tuesday afternoon.

“She was very concerned,” Bunch-Keemer said. “I could see the expression on her face.”

According to Bunch-Keemer, the girl and her classmates assumed the role of slaves trying to escape a plantation to find freedom on the Underground Railroad during the activity. A roll of dice directed their path, where they would either escape in the woods or get sent back to the plantation.

Bunch-Keemer says her granddaughter wound up back at the plantation several times, and “When going back to the plantation her teacher said they would be beaten cause they didn’t like their work” in one instance.

She’s the only African-American in the classroom.

“She said she went back to the plantation six times, so that consistent feeling of being degraded, [having] to be beaten when I got back to the plantation,” Bunch-Keemer said.

The slavery game isn’t the only activity created by this particular teacher.

According to the child, she also played a Holocaust game, where students rolled to either go to the gas chamber or remain free.

The Cobb County school district said the teacher responsible is now facing disciplinary action and released the following statement to WSB-TV:

“Cheatham Hill administrators were not aware in advance of the activity. The activity in question was not an approved lesson plan. School officials are taking appropriate personnel action with the teacher.”