Satan-Blaming Georgia Principal Fired

In these harsh economic times, it is rare that I would actually laugh at anyone for losing a job.

But this here…this is the exception.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that a pink slip has been granted to a misguided Georgia principal who got frustrated when she messed up her private school’s graduation program order, decided to drop the old, trusty “you people”, and then made boisterous note of “all the Black people” leaving.

Refresh your memories of this madness from Principal Nancy Gordeuk aka the anti-Toastmaster, below.

She later had the audacity to blame “the devil” for her remarks, indicating that the pitch-fork wielding Satan was in her house.

While he was chilling on the couch, he must also have unduly influenced her son who also made headlines when his Twitter account dropped more “niggas” than a Young Thug album in an ill-advised defense of Mom Dukes.  (Note, the son claims his social identity was hacked.  Um. Okay then.)

At any rate, mom will have plenty of time to fire up the mystery van and find out who invaded sonny boy’s Tweets, for just like Tommy on “Martin,” she ain’t got no job.