George Zimmerman Trial Shows School Records

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman on trial.

By//Andrea Watson

Prosecutors successfully introduced evidence about George Zimmerman’s class work in a criminal justice course on Wednesday.

Their argument is that he was educated on Florida’s self-defense law and even aspired to become a police officer some day. The interesting takeaway is that Zimmerman told Fox News just last year he had no prior knowledge of the stand your ground law, according to AP.  However, the jury heard testimony from a criminal attorney and instructor , Alexis Francisco Carter, who said he taught the class that Zimmerman was in about that specific law .

So far Carter was one of two witnesses who have come to the stand today, one, a former college instructor, who taught the criminal justice class, and a second one, Seminole County State College professor Scott Pleasants, who taught Zimmerman’s online course. Technically, the second witness testified via Skype, which was interesting as he had several incoming calls during his testimony.